Gaz Shocks

Mazda MX5 (MK 1) Gaz Shocks Gold Coilover Kit

Manufacturer: Gaz Shocks
Price: £711.88
Base price with VAT: £711.88
Price Exluding VAT: £593.23
VAT Amount: £118.65
  • Description

Gaz Gold is a premium range of vehicle specific coilover suspension kits designed for fast road, track day and tarmac motorsport use. The high quality adjustable dampers and spring combination have been developed by Gaz to best suit the vehicle they are designed to fit. They are manufactured from high tensile alloy with induction hardened piston rods and have a multi point adjustable control knob to adjust bump and rebound.

All kits comprise of high quality dampers which are adjustable for bump and rebound rates via a single control knob on the body. This allows for the user to set the suspension to suit their particular driving style or vehicle set up. Strut and semi strut dampers feature 62mm diameter threaded bodies which provide height adjustment to allow for perfect ride height or for helping with corner weighting. A 22mm diameter, hardened and chrome plated, piston rod is used for improved strength and durability.

The dampers are filled with a high viscosity multi grade oil which is gas pressurised to prevent cavitation and provide a more consistent performance even in extreme motorsport conditions. Lightweight billet anodised alloy hardware components are used and the damper bodies are nickel coated to prevent corrosion. Gaz gold coilover suspension kits are supplied as a vehicle set with springs included.

To fit Mazda MX5 Mk 1 from 1989 to 1998.