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Time Attack Pro Extreme Double Win and Double Lap Records!

RBR and Bostech Engineering Developments have put together a new Time Attack project car 'Banzai 55' competing in the Pro Extreme class!

The RBR team were there at the opening weekend of the 2024 Time Attack champiionship with the new car, which also happened to be the first time the project car 'Banzai 55' had ever turned a wheel. With this effectively being the first shake down for the car, the team couldn't be happier with how things went. With Rob Boston himself piloting the Banzai 55 car, we were able to set new Time Attack lap records on both Saterday and Sunday at the Anglestey Coastal and Anglesey International cicuit layouts, producing times of 1:06.64 and 1:26.93!

Aero changes and modifications even taking place at the event, and unfortunately a small oil leak/fitting failure hampering the Sunday laptime with oil on the tires causing some shakey left handers and rear locking. Given the limited running it was a very successful event for the team and the car that really showed the potential of the project, with many more changes and developments to come over the 2024 season!

Big thanks to our partners Tegiwa, who have helped tremendiously getting the team supplied with so many of the parts required to get this project off the ground.